“A brand’s

  strength is built upon its determination

      to promote its own distinctive values and mission.”

                                                                                                      Jean-Noel Kapferer





AS part of a 5-year strategy, Carbogen Amcis is looking to realign the company’s values, vision & mission and update its visual identity. The company website and brand identity were developed in 2006, a few months prior to their acquisition by India-based company Dishman.

Carbogen Amcis is now looking for a marketing agency to update the company’s brand identity and roll-out the new design concept to all marketing collaterals including the company’s website. Carbogen Amcis will maintain its current logo and its corporate word templates.


Carbogen Amcis company overview

Carbogen Amcis is a leading provider of drug development and commercialization services to the pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical industries at all stages of the drug development process. Carbogen Amcis has research and manufacturing facilities in Switzerland, UK, France and India. Primarily, our customers are based in the USA and EU (Germany, Switzerland, France, Spain, Italy, Scandinavia, UK & Ireland) and we have a growing presence in Israel & Japan.

Carbogen Amcis is dedicated to helping pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical companies reduce the time, cost and risks associated with drug development. For our clients’ benefit, we have integrated the early phase with the late phase and commercial supply. All our services (highly potent API supply, API manufacture, life cycle management, chromatography, analytics, formulation, sterile manufacture) are available as part of our end-to-end core services or on a stand-alone basis. Our staff comprises more than 200 dedicated chemists, approximately 40 percent of whom hold a Ph.D. in chemistry.

website: www.carbogen-amcis.com

Dishman company overview

Carbogen Amcis has been a part of the Dishman Group since August 2006. Dishman is an India-based outsourcing partner for pharmaceutical companies, offering a portfolio of products and development, scale-up and manufacturing services.

The Dishman group is a global, multi-site, multi-location organization, offering its customers the opportunity to obtain a comprehensive range of chemical and manufacturing solutions from one single supplier. This extends from rapid Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) supply to large-scale manufacture of intermediates, APIs, highly potent APIs and fine chemicals. By offering manufacturing excellence in multiple cGMP-compliant and FDA-inspected facilities in Europe, China, and India as well as technical support in all major markets, Dishman is the global outsourcing partner for the pharmaceutical industry, providing innovative development, life cycle management and cost-effective commercial supply through economies of scale and locations.

website: www.dishmangroup.com

Agency Selection Criteria

The agency pitch will be scored on the following criteria:

Agency Creativity

Agency Experience

Design Capabilities

Resources Available

Communication & Reporting

Web Capabilities


Carbogen Amcis Headquarters in Switzerland



SemiStone Media were invited to pitch against several agencies for the rebranding work of Carbogen Amcis, and in the initial teleconferences a people-focus was the requested direction of the company.


However, exploring the market and the competition showed this to be a common theme, and so it was
suggested that a different approach might be considered, and embrace the desire to be different.

With this out of the box thinking approach, numerous taglines with supporting imagery were produced.
From these it was requested that two of the designs be developed further and applied to various marketing
materials to see how flexible the two themes were. The outcome of all this being that the CEO and
vice-presidents were unanimous in their agreement that the design and tagline opposite best portrayed
the company and it’s aspirations, and also demonstrated a great deal of flexibility in its application.

This new look also demonstrated the company’s determination to promote its own distinctive values
and mission, with it being very different to any of their competitors.

As such, SemiStone Media were commissioned to carry out the rebranding work and tasked with applying
this new look and feel across the entire range of their marketing tools.









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    "SemiStone Media have helped us rebrand both Dishman and Carbogen Amcis. They designed and delivered stunning, eye-catching designs, and I was really impressed with the powerful look and feel they created for both our brands. They have also produced brochures, website designs, animations, trade stand graphics, PPT templates, leaflets and other materials to help promote the entire Dishman Group. They are a pleasure to work with – patient, creative, fast and dependable" 11th July 2014

    Federica Ricatto, PhD - Marketing Manager, Carbogen Amcis

    "Thankyou SemiStone for a fabulous redesign of our pitch documents - all of our broadcasters loved the new format, and found the accessibility of the new layout really easy to review!” 24th October 2014

    Sarah Cunliffe - MD & Creative Director, Big Wave Productions Ltd

    “Our trade stand at the 2014 CPhI Worldwide Event in Paris was without doubt the best at the show, and by far the best we’ve ever had. SemiStone Media consistently deliver design that works.” 10th October 2014

    Mark Griffiths - CEO, The Dishman Group

    “I, along with everyone else, was really impressed with the initial concepts.
    I can only imagine the finished product will be amazing!”
    16th May 2014

    Cathy Michaels - Regeneration Coordinator, The Hyde Group

    "Thanks very much indeed SemiStone. Very happy with the results and the ease of process. Good to have it all sorted well ahead of our sign off date too!" 12th December 2014

    Liz Willis - HARAH Strategic Housing Officer

This was the theme for Carbogen Amcis’ branding prior to the implementation of the rebranding created by SemiStone Media.



The first marketing tool to be rebranded was the main corporate brochure, with several design directions being created and submitted for consideration. Eventually the style seen here was the chosen direction to proceed with.


With this style decided upon, the direction for the
application of the rebranding process across
the remaining marketing tools was clear.



The rebranding style became more defined and refined through its  implementation, as seen here in the requirement for a set of four brochures that clients could use to gain specific information on various processes and services
that Carbogen Amcis offered.


Here are the four front covers, showing how
the developed styling was implemented to
produce these specific titles.



With the rebranding and tagline development for Carbogen Amcis agreed upon and in progress the parent company, Dishman, asked to see how it was progressing.
They were impressed with what they saw and requested that SemiStone
Media submit some rebranding suggestions for the Dishman brand.


SemiStone Media felt that it should be in keeping with the established theme for
Carbogen Amcis, and also reflect
the relationship between the two
brands. With this in mind, it was
suggested that the visual identity
to be associated with
Dishman should be the
Sun, and a tagline with
a double meaning
developed, as was done
for Carbogen Amcis. This
not only kept it in theme,
but also established the
correct hierarchical relationship between
the two companies. Numerous designs
based on this theme were submitted for
their consideration.

This concept idea was received with great enthusiasm, with the design and tagline opposite being the chosen option. Dishman requested that the rebranding for both Carbogen Amcis and Dishman be completed and ready in time for the CPhI Worldwide 2014 Event.

This was their branding prior to the implementation of the rebranding created by SemiStone Media.



Again, the first marketing tool to be rebranded was the main corporate brochure. With a style set for Carbogen Amcis it was felt that to reinforce the relationship between the
two brands, a common style should be used.


As can be seen here, the same template was implemented to develop
the Dishman brochure, with the branding imagery and corporate
colours being the differentiation.



When it came to the websites the decision was made to reskin, rather than carry out a complete rebuild of both sites, to ensure all aspects of the rebranding were ready for the CPhI event.


However, to build on the association of the two brands, and emphasise the ‘one company, two brands’ notion, the idea of a common landing page with joint gateways was explored. The decided medium was to be an animation, which could then also be used on the large-format screens on the trade stand at CPhI Worldwide.

Opposite can be seen a series of frames from the animation created for this purpose that was produced by SemiStone Media, who also produced the soundtrack.

The animation can be viewed by visiting either of the links below:



Some frames from the animation created for the website landing pages.



The rebranding has been applied to various forms of information banners and panels for sales meetings and trade shows, from roller banners to trade show stands.


With the CPhI Worldwide Event set to be the official unveiling of the new branding, a great deal of time and effort was spent in sourcing a suitable company to construct the stand. Once decided upon, SemiStone Media liaised closely with the chosen company, whilst carrying out the task of branding the stand, in order to avoid any technical issues.

“Our trade stand at the 2014 CPhI Worldwide Event in Paris was, without doubt, the best at the show and by far the best we’ve ever had. SemiStone Media consistently deliver design that works.”

Mark Griffiths - CEO - The Dishman Group


The final designs created for the combined trade show stand at CPhI Worldwide.

The flexibility of the branding style has allowed it to be applied in numerous ways, and has been successfully implemented in the design of various marketing materials, including promotional items and invites to press events.


This example, seen right and below, shows how the
branding style was used in the design of a dinner invite
for clients attending CPhI Worldwide in Paris.

The example below left shows how the combined
branding was implemented to create a UI for an
iPad app used at the CPhI event.

We enjoyed an evening of fine dining & entertainment with some of their clients and staff in Paris.